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Gucci Bag Fake

"We don't want to have some poor family go through what I've been through," said Scontsas in a Tuesday interview. "We don't want them to become a statistic, until legislation takes the bill away."

Gucci Bag Fake

Gucci Bag Fake

Gucci Bag Fake

On the other hand, Florida ended an online testing program in 2010 after it gave in person retests to 601 people who had passed the online test and found that 60 percent of them failed. Officials said they Gucci Bag Fake could "not rely on the reliability of the project."

Gucci Bag Fake

The current driver education requirement includes 30 hours of classroom instruction, 10 hours of behind the wheel instruction and six hours of backseat observation by a licensed instructor, who, among other things, must take 75 hours of staff development courses every three years.

A 2003 study for the California Legislature randomly assigned different types of training to 1,500 students and found "no compelling evidence that home study courses are less effective than classroom courses for teaching driver education," which led that state to allow training over the Internet.

NASHUA Lisa Scontsas is a state representative but admits to personal motives in her opposition to proposed changes in the state's driver education laws.

Gucci Bag Fake

Gucci Bag Fake

Scontsas, a Republican from District 22 in Nashua, is the mother of Nicole Scontsas, who died at age 16 when the car she was driving skidded on wet pavement at Exit 8 on the Everett Turnpike and hit a tree. The 2006 accident, which also took the life of 16 year old Stephanie McGowan, produced an outpouring of emotion in the city that lives on in the form of annual city concerts, and also led to changes at the intersection.

The bill passed the House of Representatives by a large margin, 240 74, a margin large enough to override a veto from Gov. John Lynch. It has yet to be taken up by the state Senate.

Gucci Bag Fake

"The online testing portion, to cut costs hey, I get it," Scontsas said. "A doctor can take certain classes online, but he still needs hands on training."

testing, but the issue is contentious.

Nashua public school students can take the course for $450, including the necessary behind the wheel training and observation time. It cost students just $300 until 2010, when the state cut a $150 subsidy.

at least 10 hours of training by a certified instructor. She said this is a minimum for serious instruction. That amendment failed on the floor, 237 75.

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The bill got its most vocal support from the home school community, which balked at the cost of private drivers education classes that can run upwards of $700.

The prime sponsor Gucci Wallet Old

Gucci Bag Fake

Lawmaker fighting drivers ed changes after losing daughter in 2006 crash

"This means my 77 year old mother can teach my 1512 year old nephew and sign off on his card and driving time," she said. "It opens up a floodgate for 200 to 300 more drivers to be on the road, and being trained by parents or a family member who could have bad skills."

Scontsas is a member of the House Transportation Committee, which recommended 15 2 that the bill fail unless accompanied by an amendment that would have required Gucci Dionysus Green Mini

She promised to call every state senator and urge them to reject the bill without the training amendment.

Driver education standards are set on a state by state basis. Several states allow at least some online training and Gucci Belt Bag Pink Velvet

Scontsas says that experience has given her more fortitude to fight HB 1440, which would let New Hampshire residents under age 18 get a driver's license by taking online driver's ed classes and behind the wheel training from parents or guardians, rather than certified teachers.

of the bill is Rep. Laura Jones, a Rochester Republican elected in 2010, who has made home school issues a priority. Her son Kyle is also a state representative.

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Gucci Bag Fake

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