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Gucci Crossbody Strap

A: This issue has been around since the dawn of technology. In essence, do you own the tech devices you purchase, or do you pay for the right to use them but only in the ways that the company intends?

Gucci Crossbody Strap

Gucci Crossbody Strap

The exploits are often those found by researchers working at university labs, and not only is their research legal, it's actually beneficial for us consumers: If they find these security loopholes, the vendors can then fix the problem before it becomes a widespread issue.

Gucci Crossbody Strap

Other "hacks" that have come out of Black Hat this year that have gained media coverage include an exploit that can turn a Smart TV into a monitoring device. Modern smart TVs can run apps and access the Internet, so the point of the demonstration is that all smart Internet connected devices have the same vulnerabilities as a PC.

you voided the warranty by jailbreaking the device.

Another Black Hat presentation talked about weaknesses in current password encryption systems, news that should be no surprise given the never ending announcements of companies that have had their customer records hacked and Gucci Crossbody Strap stolen.

That's what the media calls hackers, but I'm old school, too, and think of hacking as an intellectual puzzle, a way of figuring out how things work and removing limitations.

Gucci Crossbody Strap

This comes up when people talk about "jailbreaking" an iPhone, for example, a way that you can free Dionysus Gucci Woc

As long as there's tech, there are going to be people who try to figure out how it works (the old school hackers) along with those that want to exploit the devices in various ways, some of which are malicious.

Q: I read in the newspaper that hackers are demonstrating a way that they can add malware to a smartphone by simply having it plugged into a hacked power charger. Shouldn't they be arrested for figuring this out?

And with all the Feds around, you can bet they're all very careful not to reveal too much about what they've figured out, lest someone take the information and do something malicious.

Gucci Crossbody Strap

yourself from the "jail" of iTunes and Apple's tight control of the phone environment. The price? If something goes wrong with your phone, Apple says Gucci Purse Belt

Black Hat USA has always been a conference by hackers both good "white hat" and less good "black hat" and in this, its 16th year, the presentations take place in an increasingly complex and technological world. There's no turning back the clock, so paying attention to these hackers and being leery about the dangers they reveal is just smart.

Gucci Crossbody Strap

Gucci Crossbody Strap

Learning hacks from the 'black Bag Gucci

Gucci Crossbody Strap


Both types of tech geeks are represented at the annual Black Hat USA conference that went on last week in Las Vegas, along with a lot of law enforcement offices, FBI, NSA and who knows what other federal (and foreign) departments.

Gucci Crossbody Strap

Gucci Crossbody Strap

Gucci Crossbody Strap

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