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Gucci Card

The attorney general's office has not issued a ruling on whether or not Laughton violated state law by running for state representative or if she's eligible to continue serving as selectman.

Laughton made history as the first openly transgendered lawmaker in New Hampshire, but then gave the post up 20 days later over questions about several felonies she committed under the name Barry Charles Laughton, Jr. in Laconia.

No state law bars a candidate from re running for a seat they recently resigned; any qualified person can run, Assistant Secretary of State Karen Ladd said.

Laughton, who tallied 1,588 votes Nov. 6, joined Democrats David Cote and Mary Gorman, easily beating out Republican candidates Richard Heitmiller and Elizabeth Van Twuyver for the District 31 seats.

In 2008, Laughton was sentenced to 712 to 15 years for conspiracy to commit credit card fraud, suspended pending 10 years of good behavior, and 312 to seven years for falsifying physical evidence, again suspended to 10 years for good behavior.

State law prohibits convicted felons from running for or holding office until their final discharge from prison, but legal professionals and political leaders aren't clear on the definition of "final discharge."

"I think $4,000 is quite a bit of money," Bergeron said, citing his office's own non payroll budget of $40,000 a year. "It comes with the territory. There are provisions for special elections in state law and in the city charter and we haven't had very many in my 13 years, but it's not all that unusual to have to have a special election."

Gucci Card

Gucci Card

State law requires a special election be held to replace Laughton rather than simply filling the seat with the next highest vote getter.

The Board of Aldermen, charged with arranging the city's elections, could have opted to leave the seat vacant or to hold the special election. Earlier this month, the board suspended its rules to immediately request an election be held.

´╗┐Laughton vows to run to replace herself for Nashua's Ward 4 House seat

The filing period for the seat opens Monday, Christmas Eve, and runs through Friday, Dec. 28. A primary is scheduled Feb. 19, followed by a special election April 9. Candidates must file with the secretary of state.

Gucci Card

Per city charter, the funds for special elections come from the city's general fund, City Clerk Paul Bergeron said.

On Wednesday, Gov. John Lynch and the Executive Council unanimously approved a precept for a special election to fill the seat, according to Executive Councilor David Wheeler, R Milford, who Gucci Bag Gold

"I support the decision as the Board of Aldermen voted and it's my belief that we should have a lot of qualified candidates run," she said. "Both Republican and Democrat, and so, I mean, if we're going to spend up to $4,000 we might as well make the most of it, and not just let a couple of candidates run and have them win hands down."

With Laughton's resignation, 23 of Nashua's 27 House seats belong to Democrats.

the voters didn't know her background, that's certainly not an issue any longer."

"The processes are basically the same, but the only difference is if the primaries are not contested, the primary will actually be the election," Deputy Secretary of State David Scanlan said Thursday.

Gucci Card

"I don't think any of the taxpayers are excited about money being spent on an election, especially during a time when tax dollars need to be allocated in other areas," Laughton said.

"I believe that I'm duly qualified and eligible the way the law is written because I'm in the suspended portion of my sentence," Laughton said.

Gucci Card

Senior Assistant Attorney General Michael Brown was not immediately available for comment Thursday.

Gucci Card

She served 12 months, with four months suspended, in the Belknap County jail for conspiracy to commit fraudulent use of a credit card. The remainder of her sentence remains suspended until 2019.

"I'm not aware of any reason that Stacie Laughton could not file for office if she was eligible," Bergeron added. "And if a big push to get her to resign was because people felt Dionysus Gucci Bag

"After giving it quite a bit of thought since my resignation, and the amount of supporters that I have that have encouraged me to do something and not give up, I decided that if we do have a filing, I'm going to run," Laughton said.

represents Nashua, among other communities.

She also hadn't heard any ruling on her eligibility to run as a convicted felon.

The primary and special election will cost the city $2,175 each, putting the tab to replace Laughton at $4,350.

Gucci Card

At the time, Laughton spoke out against spending money on another election which she felt would get little turnout during the aldermen's meeting.

Laughton also still maintains her position as Ward 4 selectman, which assists at election polls by working the checklist table, or sorting, packing or sealing ballots, among other tasks.

NASHUA A special election to fill Gucci Iphone Case Cheap Sale

Gucci Card

"I haven't spoken to anybody at the Secretary of State. I have talked to the AG's office quite a bit and I don't seem to get much of a response or a statement from them," said Laughton of her decision to run in her own replacement race.

Gucci Card

a House seat in Nashua's Ward 4 vacated by state Rep. elect Stacie Laughton may have a familiar ring to it. Laughton said Thursday that she plans to run in the Gucci Card District 31 race to replace herself.

Fellow Democrats' reaction to news that Laughton may run again has been mixed, she said.

Gucci Card

"I'm confident that I still have a lot of support out there, but as far as with any election, we never can tell how the voters are going to lean," Laughton said. "Politics can be an up and down game, and ultimately the voters are always right."

Gucci Card

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