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Gucci Bag White

He ended up voting for Stephen because Babiarz had no chance of winning, which is the sort of "gamesmanship" voting that he'd like New Hampshire to avoid.

If his law goes through which McGuire admits is unlikely, at least in the short term he could have voted for both Stephen and Babiarz, even though only one seat was involved. In fact, he could have voted for John Lynch, as well.

McGuire and some other sponsors are associated with the Free State Project or similar limited government political ideologies, groups that tend to be more open to non traditional approaches to government. But he says this isn't a Free State Project idea.

The advantage of approval voting, McGuire said, is that the state and towns wouldn't have to redesign their ballots and people wouldn't have to change their voting habits, since the current method of voting for just one candidate per seat would still be allowed.

McGuire admits to one drawback. His method would complicate vote counting on election nights, particularly for communities like Mont Vernon and Lyndeborough that count all ballots by hand, rather than by the optical ballot reading machines used in larger communities.

Gucci Bag White

"This isn't a partisan issue. I don't think it benefits any party over any other," he said.

Gucci Bag White

Approval voting is one type of alternative voting schemes, which have names like Cordorcet Method and instant runoff balloting.

The bill is co sponsored by three other first term Republicans state legislators, but McGuire says that's a coincidence, reflecting the fact that they already know each other.

McGuire, a Republican, liked the GOP candidate, John Stephen, but he liked the libertarian candidate, John Babiarz, even more.

Gucci Bag White

The multiple votes would have been tallied as always and the candidate with the most total votes would win, as currently happens. The most obvious difference is that the total number of votes cast in the race would be greater than the total number of people who cast those votes.

This approach, known as approval voting, is the simplest form of various alternatives to traditional voting patterns. Supporters say such alternatives create a better reflection of the electorate's overall opinion that the usual voting method, which is called first past the post, or single member plurality.

To use an example that helped prod McGuire to draft the bill, consider November's election for governor, which had three candidates.

The bill wouldn't let you vote for the same person more than once, but you could vote for multiple people running against each other.

The only nearby example of alternative voting for government office is in Cambridge, Mass., which Dionysus Gucci Pink

These are occasionally used in circumstances such as electing boards to professional organizations or other organizations a variant of approval voting Gucci Backpack Diaper Bag

Gucci Bag White

Law would let you vote for as many candidates as you wish

Gucci Bag White

was used to elect the pope for several centuries, for example but are almost never used for government bodies.

Gucci Bag White

Gucci Bag White

Yet if he had voted for both, his ballot would have been tossed out as invalid even though it would have been an accurate reflection of his Gucci Backpack Cats

Gucci Bag White

He has sponsored a bill, HB 240, which would tweak ballots for local and state elections in New Hampshire by "allowing voters to vote for multiple candidates for an office." It will be the subject of a hearing today .

Gucci Bag White

CONCORD The phrase "one man, one vote" doesn't mean what you think it does, according to one of the more unusual laws being proposed in Concord.

What it doesn't mean, he said, is that each vote must be for just one man. In fact, McGuire thinks New Hampshire voters should be allowed to vote for as many people as they want in any race.

It Gucci Bag White also would make it harder to spot certain types of ballot counting errors because overcounts in which more votes are counted than ballots cast would no longer be obvious.

Other alternative voting schemes also allow voters to cast ballots for multiple candidates per seat but are more complicated than traditional voting. They require voters to do such things as list the candidates in order of preference or give each one a varied score.

Gucci Bag White

uses instant runoff voting for city elections. Burlington, Vt., used instant runoff for a couple of its mayoral elections but went back to the traditional method last year after the winner proved unpopular.


"It refers to letting people vote fairly, and to having correct proportional representation," said Dan McGuire, a Republican state legislator from Epsom.

"This gives voters more options to reflect how they feel about all the candidates," McGuire said.

Gucci Bag White

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