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Gucci Crossbody Leather Bag

Cut 2 pieces of silicone paper about 9 inches square. Lightly flour the paper. Flour your hands and pick up about a quarter of the dough. Form into a 6 inch round about a half inch thick on the paper. Push the sides up to become vertical and make the middle slightly dished.

Yield: 8


Gucci Crossbody Leather Bag

Make another round of dough, the same size. Brush edge of first round with egg wash then place second round over blueberries.

Gucci Crossbody Leather Bag

Gucci Crossbody Leather Bag

Gucci Crossbody Leather Bag

Lazy day blueberry scones

egg for egg washCut the cold butter cubes into the biscuit mix until the cubes are split pea size. Add milk gradually while stirring with a fork. Dough should stick together and be a little wet.

Gucci Crossbody Leather Bag

Gucci Crossbody Leather Bag

If you need any information on free run chickens, Black Angus beef, Mennonite sausage / bacon / pork / poultry, local Iphone Gucci Case

Gucci Crossbody Leather Bag

milk as needed

So, being a lazy day, I decided to use Quaker Buttermilk Biscuit Mix. We use this mix for a number of things. It is the base for Red Lobster cheese biscuits, our accidental dumpling recipe, and as part of our chicken wing recipe. Since the Scots use more butter, I added butter to the mix and the rest is in the recipe. They turned out great!

Ontario lamb, homemade and naturally raised or grown products, recipes you would like to see, or food items you can locate, visit our Farm Market, 3232 Burnham St. North, Camborne. Open Wednesdays through Sundays. Most of the products we feature are also Gucci Crossbody Leather Bag available at Glover Farm Market in Warkworth.

to a blueberry scone, so called, but it was round. To me a scone is wedge shaped; a tea biscuit is round. I wanted to see if I could do better in the traditional scone shape. I checked a number of recipes and found that the ingredients are quite similar; but Scottish scones more often use buttermilk or sour cream and cut in more butter. The Scots are reputed to be thrifty; but when it comes to cooking, the butter portions are generous.

Spread a thin layer of over the dough, then sprinkle some over the jam.

Using your thumb press the edges together then do a thumb print ridge on edge of round keeping the edge vertical.

Bake in the hot oven for 12 to Gucci Bags With Price

Set aside and repeat for rest of dough to make a second farl. Preheat your oven to 400F. Let dough rest for a half hour. Using the silicone paper, lift the farls onto a baking sheet.

Last Tuesday was a lazy day. It was pouring rain and the rain was cold; not at all like it should be at the end of April. So, I wanted to make some blueberry scones. Someone treated me Gucci Bag Classic

Gucci Crossbody Leather Bag

4 cups Quaker buttermilk biscuit mix

Gucci Crossbody Leather Bag

Take a French chef knife and cut the farls into four. Press the knife all the way through and wiggle a bit to separate the scones.

4 oz. cold butter cubed

15 minutes. They should brown up and a steel pin inserted into scone will come out clean. If you prefer a darker top crust you can egg wash the top before baking.

flour for rolling out as needed

Gucci Crossbody Leather Bag

Gucci Crossbody Leather Bag

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