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Gucci Bags Brown

Once in NBN land, where all telcos are equal, it will even have a taste of its own medicine for all those years in having to deal with a monopoly. But well before then, it'll have a monkey on its back the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission regulating its prices. Not to mention meddling politicians. Gucci Backpack Black

Telstra must have negotiated brilliantly on behalf of its shareholders, or else the government, no defender of taxpayers, was a soft touch in compensating it for disconnecting corroding copper lines that were due for the scrapheap anyway.

Gucci Bags Brown

Gucci Bags Brown

Mind you, it didn't really say, only that it won't be the $11 billion ''net present value'', as it called its NBN deal when it signed on the dotted line.

The aim, says the Telstra chairwoman Catherine Livingstone, is to increase it over time, but what chairman wouldn't say that? And why not say 28 is the minimum, anyway? Because paying out 89 per cent of profits in a capital hungry, volatile and cutthroat industry is unrealistic. Nor do franking credits grow on trees.

Gucci Bags Brown

Best of all, it can flog wireless broadband, which happens to be where the market is going, for all it's worth. Telstra will still own the broadband cable and the copper wires that'll be disconnected goodbye ADSL which will no doubt come in handy under the Coalition.

be guaranteed from 2013 14.

Telstra might be at the centre of the digital revolution, but it's forecasting only low, single digit profit growth this financial year.

Gucci Bags Brown

Gucci Bags Brown

Gucci Bags Brown

Co and starting afresh?

Not even Telstra is fazed come to that, having convinced itself that its contracts with NBN Co are watertight. They're certainly generous. It only has to disconnect its service where NBN expands. Even then, the NBN could be a complete dud the take up where it's available has been woeful and it wouldn't matter to Telstra. It still gets paid for disconnecting customers, even if they reconnect.

Gucci Bags Brown

Gucci Bags Brown

Gucci Bags Brown

IT'S hard to know whether to laugh as a shareholder or cry as a taxpayer over Telstra's revelation about how much the government will pay it for the next 30 years.

Gucci Bags Brown

Yet the sharemarket is indifferent to the prospect of an anti NBN change of government.

But watertight? I wonder. The crucial contracts Gucci Bags Brown are with NBN Co, not the government. What's to stop a future government abolishing NBN Gucci Fanny Pack Red

Telstra's dividend of almost 10 per cent after the franking 30 per cent tax break, is something else. Again the market has unexpectedly showed equanimity that the fully franked 28 a share dividend wouldn't Gucci Clutch Bag Black

Leaks spring to mind in Telstra

Gucci Bags Brown

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