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Gucci Backpack Chain Straps

EDITOR'S NOTE: Equipment Corner is a weekly golf equipment review by Chelsea Demers, the 2010 women's state amateur golf champion.

It's important to use your highest lofted Gucci Handbag With Gold Chain

There's the basic sand shot for those lucky ones who have a good lie in the sand. First, you need to use the most lofted club you have. Mine is the 56 degree. The idea is to open the club face to the right and aim your feet left so that the two average out to your intended landing area.

You need to make a steep swing and hit down about an inch or two behind the ball. The sand is what forces the ball out of the bunker once the club head makes contact. Finish the swing completely and hope for the best.

Gucci Backpack Chain Straps

For this week's equipment review, we decided to try a Titleist Vokey 56 degree wedge from Golf and Ski Warehouse and demonstrate how to get your ball out of the sand cleanly and saving your round.

still a way to get it on the green. When the ball is buried, the club has an extremely slim chance of scooping underneath the ball.

Gucci Backpack Chain Straps

Gucci Backpack Chain Straps

For those who are unfortunate and walk up to their ball greeted with a "fried egg lie" or buried lie, there is Gucci Wallet Yellow

Gucci Backpack Chain Straps

Take your normal steep swing as you would with any other sand shot and follow through. The ball's result tends to be low and have a lot of roll. There is no need for a huge swing, just enough to get it out onto the green.

club a sand wedge, as opposed to a pitching wedge because that has the best chance of getting out and creating a little more spin, which will make the ball bite near the pin. Anywhere from a 56 60 degree wedge is common.

Gucci Backpack Chain Straps

Gucci Backpack Chain Straps

Learn to play from sand Video

Gucci Backpack Chain Straps

This unlucky lie causes the ball to have very little lift and spin. First, take your most lofted club and address the ball closing the club face and aligning your body as before. This will ensure that the toe of the club will dig through the sand better and make the ball pop out.

to hesitate, just hit the shot you've been practicing.

Gucci Backpack Chain Straps

Gucci Backpack Chain Straps

When you're stuck in a green side Gucci Backpack Chain Straps bunker, the key is getting yourself out of that trouble and onto the green in as few strokes as possible.

Gucci Backpack Chain Straps

By mastering any of these kinds of challenging sand shots, the next time you're in the bunker, you won't have Gucci Travel Bag Leather

Gucci Backpack Chain Straps

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