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Gucci Dionysus Green Mini

s Podium full custom insoles offer support and cushioning to help improve a ski boot or revive an old one. The customizable ones retail for $149, or the company offers its Blueprint set insoles for a more affordable $34.95. (Courtesy Dynamic Foot PositioningJoel AddamsIt's what's on the inside that matters

Gucci Dionysus Green Mini

Gucci Dionysus Green Mini

Rocker boards and skis have been around for nearly a decade on a limited basis, but this season the technology is breaking out in some form or another on companies' entire line of products.

686 Vice President of Marketing Kristin Cusic said the company Gucci Crossbody Bag Nordstrom

Christy Sports features custom insoles and linings from Dynamic Foot Positioning, or DFP for short. The Steamboat based company designs the insoles and liners to cater to an individual's unique foot, and also provide better response from the boot.

Gucci Dionysus Green Mini

Companies like K2 are blending rocker and camber technology to create more versatile skis and boards, said company spokesman Ryan Hayter. K2's All Terrain Rocker technology, for example, "features an elevated tip for variable and soft snow performance with a camber under foot for power, energy and edge hold in firmer conditions," he said.

Dynafit s Titan boot for men has been popular among skiers looking for a backcountry boot that s also good on the resort ski slopes. They retail for $759.

Dynafit North American President Chris Sword said he's seen sales on a steady increase. Last year, total unit sales of alpine touring skis surpassed that of telemark skis, and it was the fastest growing sector in ski industry up 56 percent industry wide albeit still a small fraction of overall sales dominated by traditional downhill skis.

Gucci Dionysus Green Mini

But over the years, rockers have evolved. "The average skier is now finding out that a little bit of rocker can make skiing easier and more fun."

In addition to rocker, Dionne sees a growing popularity in alpine touring and backcountry skiing products. That bodes well for backcountry gear companies like Scarpa and Dynafit, which have their North American headquarters in Boulder. Their products allow skiers to hike up a mountain on skis with skins and detachable heel bindings and boots; then remove the skins and lock the heels Gucci Dionysus Green Mini to ski down the mountain.

Gucci Dionysus Green Mini

Gucci Dionysus Green Mini

For iPhone users, there are a couple of mobile apps available that provide ski terrain maps for many resorts, including those here in Colorado. Plane Tree Software's SkiMaps app uses the iPhone's GPS technology to show where you are on the ski map.

does see brighter colors selling well for those who want to stand out on the mountain. But particularly in Colorado, she sees the trend of customers buying jackets that perform well on the mountain, and look good wearing around town, such as 686's M65 jacket with a denim like exterior and roll away hood.

lacking the stability of traditional camber ski and boards, which employ a more concave center to carve deeper turns in hard packed snow.

"Whether it's the people who are true backcountry skiers or the people who mostly stick to the groomers, AT skis, boots and bindings allow skiers to access terrain that many people only dream of," Dionne said.

The explosion of social networking and smart phone applications has found its way to the slopes this season, with several new technologies helping skiers and boarders to find their way and keep track of their runs.

Popular sellers of late have been Dynafit's Titan boot for men and Gaia boot for women. Both products offer the flexibility and tourability of a downhill boot and the stiffness of a four buckle backcountry boot, Sword said meaning they can work as all in one boots for skiers in the backcountry or on the resort. Another key is a very good walk mode for ascending the mountain.

Rocker, also known as reverse camber, refers to the bend of the board or ski being more like the bottom of a rocking chair, with the lowest point in the center, and exaggerated raised tips. The design gives skiers and boarders greater advantage in powder conditions with quicker turning ability, and more float without having to keep those tips up.

Gucci Dionysus Green Mini

"They align the whole body and provide a better athletic stance, so you get the performance out of the boot you paid for," said Bob Dapper, director of mountain operations at Christy Sports.

Ski manufacturer K2 has integrated the popular 'rocker' design into many of its skis at various levels. Its All Terrain Rocker technology is a good in between for all mountain performance, featured in its K2 T:Nine Lotta Luv skis for women.

Latest rocker boards 'the next best thing since shaped skis'

At Christy Sports in Boulder, store manger Dennis Meeker said he sees more customers buying custom linings and insoles for their boots. The reasoning for the trend is two fold, he said either the customer wants a more custom, comfortable insole and liner from the start, or they're looking to save money and lengthen the life of their exisitng boot with a new interior.

While good in powder, the earliest of rockers weren't that great on groomers Gucci Handbags With Red Green Stripes

In apparel, Meeker continues to see a trend of customers seeking jackets with unique prints and brighter colors. Snowboarding jacket brand 686 is selling well at the Boulder Christy Sports store this year not only to snowboarders, but to skiers as well, Meeker said.

Gucci Dionysus Green Mini

Gucci Dionysus Green Mini

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Gucci Dionysus Green Mini

Gucci Dionysus Green Mini

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