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Gucci Bag Blue And Red

On April 17, he cast a vote on the Senate floor for gun control legislation. The bill did not pass. Lautenberg had long been an advocate of stricter gun control measures.

Gucci Bag Blue And Red

A military honor guard carries the casket of Sen.

Lautenberg lies in repose in Senate chamber

Gucci Bag Blue And Red

Byrd, Democratic Sen. William Langer of North Dakota lay in repose in the chamber in 1959.

Gucci Bag Blue And Red

The only sounds heard on the East plaza of the Capitol were the footsteps of the nine member honor guard trudging up the stairs and camera clicks from tourists and members of the media.

Gucci Bag Blue And Red

A few senators approached the casket to say a silent prayer. Democratic Sen. Max Baucus of Montana, who will retire next year after 40 years in Congress, put both hands on the casket and bowed his head.

The last senator to lie in repose in the Senate Gucci Iphone Case 5

As Lautenberg's casket arrived, New Jersey Sen. Chris Christie was announcing that Attorney General Jeff Chiesa will serve as the state's interim Senator until a replacement for Lautenberg is elected in a special election in October.

chamber was Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia, who died in 2010. Before Gucci Card Wallet

Gucci Bag Blue And Red

Gucci Bag Blue And Red

Gucci Bag Blue And Red

Lautenberg, who died Monday, was brought to lie in repose in the well of the Senate chamber on the historic Lincoln catafalque, built in 1865 following the assassination of President Lincoln.

EDT June 6, 201Sen.

STORY: Frank Lautenberg dies at 89

Gucci Bag Blue And Red

The same catafalque has been used for other services in both the Senate chamber and Gucci Bag Blue And Red the Capitol Rotunda, most recently when Democratic Sen. Daniel Inouye of Hawaii Wallet Gucci Replica

Gucci Bag Blue And Red

There have been 115 World War II veterans to serve in the Senate, according to the Senate Historical Office.

lay in state last December.

Lautenberg, 89, was the last World War II veteran to serve in the Senate. His funeral was held at the Park Avenue Synagogue in New York City on Wednesday and his casket was loaded onto an Amtrak train later that day at the Frank R. He will be buried Friday at Arlington National Cemetery. House delegation snaked through the hushed Senate chamber Thursday afternoon to pay respects. Lautenberg's casket rested in the well of the chamber, flanked by a guard and with a floral wreath on each side.

Gucci Bag Blue And Red

Lautenberg's last trip to the Senate was on May 16 when he attended a committee hearing to help break a Republican boycott and approve the Obama administration's nominee to run the Environmental Protection Agency.

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