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Gucci Belt Bag Beige

Survey crews will be working in late summer or early fall, setting the stage for drilling to start in early 2013, although he said the company will try to start a little earlier if possible.

About 175 county landowners with last names starting with Gucci Belt Bag Beige A or B drove to the former South Range Middle School north of Salem in the first wave of 1,954 who are leasing about 84,000 acres to BP.

1 1/2 to 2 hours, a period Abbuhl said workers were trying to reduce. He said he was "getting more confident by the hour that we can finish" the task.

Documents moved through tables of BP workers, who each performed specific tasks, such as highlighting key pieces of information so other workers could easily write the information on the leases.

Gucci Belt Bag Beige

Landowners were to bring copies of their deeds, power of attorney, business forms, property tax statements and other legal information.

Gary Armstrong said he believes the ALOV lease protects the land and water from contamination from hydraulic fracturing, a process of injecting millions of gallons of water, sand and chemicals into the shale formation to crack the rock and release the gas into the well.

them in one, as will happen with Trumbull County.

The Armstrongs said title searchers normally go back 140 years to verify clear ownership, but that their own attorney, Gil Rieger, went back 175 years.

SALEM After losing his job of 37 years at Denman Tire, Gary Armstrong knows not to squander a once in a lifetime Gucci Purse Blue

Each lease signing was taking Gucci Backpack Monogram

BP is allowing six months to complete the title search process, followed by the bonus checks arriving for landowners.

Gucci Belt Bag Beige

In the meantime, Abbuhl said the company will hire a local company to do environmental studies, including a baseline water study in order to measure any changes in water quality once drilling and hydraulic fracturing of the shale begins.

ALOV's Trumbull County members agreed late last month to sign with BP for $3,900 an acre and 17.5 percent production royalty.

Gucci Belt Bag Beige

Gucci Belt Bag Beige

Gucci Belt Bag Beige

Gucci Belt Bag Beige

Previous leases were spread over more than one county. Rea said signings for 85,000 acres with Chesapeake Energy covered eight counties, spreading the title searches over numerous county offices instead of concentrating Gucci Bags For Girls

Gucci Belt Bag Beige

windfall in the form of a natural gas drilling lease on his family farm in Gustavus.

Once the leases are signed, BP will bring in workers to a new downtown Warren office near the Trumbull County courthouse, where they will do title searches.

Gucci Belt Bag Beige

The leases were printed in triplicate before winding up at notaries for owners to sign.

Gucci Belt Bag Beige

Gucci Belt Bag Beige

Lease signing begins with BP for drilling

About 40 BP workers, mostly from Houston but also from Colorado and Wyoming, will continue signing leases each day through Monday, BP officials said.

The building is the base for Associated Landowners of the Ohio Valley, the group organized by Salem area farmer Bob Rea to negotiate leases in the booming Marcellus and Utica shale gas formations.

"I'll buy some farm machinery. We might travel a little bit. We'll invest," Armstrong said after signing lease papers Tuesday, giving BP North America Gas the right to drill for Utica Shale natural gas and oil on his 70 acres.

"We're clear to 1837," Linda Armstrong said.

Bruce Abbuhl, who manages BP's Ohio program, called it the company's biggest single signing event, "and we believe it's the largest in Ohio."

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